Tax apps for iOS review: File your taxes on your iPad or iPhone

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TurboTax - Tax Products and Release Dates

Previous year release dates for TurboTax tax preparation products have shown some similarity in the fact that they have fallen within a week of each other in their respective year. We are excited to announce the launch of the - TurboTax tax season TY19 to be announce mid November ?? Key Dates: TurboTax release date: November 12, TurboTax release date: November 14, TurboTax release date: November 11, TurboTax release date: November 10, TurboTax release date: November 15, TurboTax release date: TurboTax Desktop Tax Software is generally released with the need for updates due to last minute tax code changes.

With these early release dates it's wise to check for updates prior to beginning your tax return preparation process. It's a great question, with a really simple answer! TurboTax offers many editions of their tax software as presented below. The key to choosing the right program for your tax filing needs is to simply skim through the brief descriptions below to see which product covers your needs the best.

If you're unsure, start with a lighter, lower cost edition, then TurboTax will prompt you to upgrade if the answers you provide during the tax software's interview phase indicate that another edition will be more beneficial for your tax filing situation. This edition works well for any income level and is an easy way to prepare your taxes for FREE.

TurboTax Basic Edition makes tax preparation for simple tax returns easy by guiding you one step at a time through your federal tax return filing process. It provides tax-saving tips as it searches for credits to help get you the biggest refund available. TurboTax Online Premier Edition is designed to make sure you're getting the most from your investments and rental property deductions with top rated step by step guidance.

TurboTax Home and Business Edition is designed to help you file your personal and business taxes together so your personal and business deductions are maximized.

Statistics show that Turbo Tax provides the most stable and user friendly software packages as they continue to lead the market in consumer satisfaction and sales. So as TurboTax History goes, it's a company of engineered growth and innovation with a big appetite for staying number 1. With the start of the tax season under way, Intuit has offered up some of the deepest discounts available for preparing your earned income tax return with TurboTax.

While there will be other discount sale promotions later in the year, I can firmly tell you from several past years experiences, these will be the lowest prices you will see. And with the IRS tax filing deadline set for April 15 , locking in your discount now insures you won't miss out later. Now I'm no rocket scientist, but if you want a great deal, you best giddyup before the early season promotion is over!

What's New for TurboTax Users in ? Innovations unveiled include: Application Pre-Fill: This includes data related to over 80, fields available on a TurboTax tax return. Intuit also unveiled new partnerships with market leaders Lending Club and WealthFront for pre-filling applications and offering personalized investment advice. Existing Intuit partners Marcus, SoFi and Honest Dollar are involved in pre-qualification and personalized offer performance. Mint updates now allow users to see meaningful personalized insights and tips that will assist them in improving their financial health.

The Mintsights app from Mint combined with TurboTax knowledge helps users understand their financial behavior while helping them manage and budget their money along with consolidating debt and growing investments.

Combined Household View: Turbo users can create a shared view for financial data including household income, credit score, and debt to gain a more complete overview picture of their financial strength and abilities to obtain loans with better rates, and get pre-qualify or pre-approved. The TurboTax Smartphone Applications are becoming much more widely accepted as popular tax tools.

The W2 app, along with others like the TurboTax TaxCaster Calculator are seeing a rise in use as taxpayers on the go can access and use these tools when and where they need to. With these in hand applications tax filers can work on their taxes for a few minutes at a time while eating lunch or commuting to and from locations, or wherever they have a moment to spare.

Additionally the TurboTax benefit assist, itsDeductible app offers a very informative guide to tax deductions and savings. If your looking for the best online income tax preparation software, the 1 selling online federal and state tax software brand again this year is the TurboTax online tax preparation software product line TurboTax Downloads and CD's for Desktop Computer Installation and Internet Free Tax Preparation The TurboTax Download and CD Software Versions of each edition other then the free one are available to those who prefer to install the software on their computer.

This enables users to work on their returns without the need of an internet connection. It's a great choice for those that travel around to help out family and friends in preparing their tax returns. As the market leader, the TurboTax editions are designed to search out and find every deduction, credit and benefit you can possibly qualify for.

With a maximum refund guarantee you can rest assured TurboTax is working hard for you. Try the TurboTax new years editions and see how intuitive this fully guided tax preparation process can be for your family, and your small business tax filing. As you look about the internet in an effort to determine which tax software product is the best choice for your filing needs, keep in mind that TurboTax has been the top selling brand of all time, so why would you use anything else?

TurboTax Online Tax Filing has become the online tax preparation method of choice for Americans looking for a user friendly way to get their biggest refund on federal and state income tax returns.

As the online tax filing software market heats up every year with new companies jumping into tax software development, Turbo Tax continues to push more diligently with simplifying their intuitive product line to stay the top consumer choice. Tax Season Tools.

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