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New Test Matrices in gallery Function The gallery suite of test matrices includes new options integerdata, normaldata, and uniformdata. Now the Plot Selector button changes its appearance to reflect the variable or variables you select. Now it suggests a plot type and indicates its calling argument sequence. You can also make the Plot Selector list the types of graphs you use most often at the top of its drop-down menu. The tool provides descriptions and hints to help you discover data graphing functions and learn to use them more effectively. As in earlier releases, tilde signifies a logical NOT. In the 9b release, you can also use the tilde operator to specify unused outputs in a function call, or unused inputs in a function definition.

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Matlab Ra Cons Program syntax and function are eccentric, inconsistent, incompatible, buggy. Its like its decades of code from interns who came and went with different ideas that no one else managed or maintains. Program logic is derived from scripting an interactive console session of a 's symbolic math program. It tends to make a lot of assumptions and decisions about "what you want" using an obsolete interactive concept. Incomplete documentation - the syntax and operation of many basic common functions isn't documented.


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