Now you can buy the Microsoft HoloLens for Rs 2 lakhs

Explore pricing and options for HoloLens 2, including an offer that pairs it with Dynamics Remote Assist to help you get started and save over time.‎Contact the sales team · ‎HoloLens 2 · ‎HoloLens 2 – Contact Request. Free demonstrations of HoloLens mixed reality experiences at Microsoft Store. Just buy what you want online, then pick it up at a Microsoft Store near you. Introducing HoloLens 2, an untethered mixed reality headset that's designed to help you solve real See pricing and options Watch the HoloLens 2 video.

Still available predominantly to developers, the Hololens is " the first self-contained, holographic computer ," adding all the benefits of mixed reality right into the user's actual view of the world. Consumers in Singapore are attracted to the mixed reality device for its endless possibilities. The most exciting difference between the Microsoft Hololens and other VR, MR, and AR devices that came out this year - at least in our opinion - is that the glasses go beyond adding 2D graphics to the world around you. The big pull is the virtual, interactive 3D models that can appear in your view, giving you an ultimate enhanced view of the world or even helping you design something totally new.

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Users are not required to attach it to a smartphone or PC to enter VR mode. TOI Tech Aug 3, , Users are not required to attach it t Microsoft has finally opened the sale of its HoloLens mixed reality headset to developers and business customers. Note that Microsoft is yet to release the consumer version of HoloLens, which is expected to be priced less. Microsoft remains tight-lipped about its possible launch. The software giant is already taking preorders via the HoloLens website and interested buyers can order up to five HoloLens development units.

After the failure of Google Glass, the ambitious HoloLens claims to have the potential to replace it. Microsoft HoloLens is a complete wireless independent headset in itself.

There are physical buttons on the rim of the headset for controlling brightness and volume. This means users can continue to see, hear and respond to whatever is going on around them. In typical VR headsets, users are completely cut off from their surroundings. There are two speaker vents located around ears for audio needs. The display technology used in HoloLens is completely different from what is used in VR headsets.

Users will not have to stare at a screen in front of their eyes. In HoloLens, it is more of artificial reality than virtual. The display blends into the real world in the form of Holograms. Users will be able to see things around them as well interact with the contents streamed by the headset.

In layman terms, it can be somewhat like a projection that superimposes over objects. For example, users can place a virtual character on any surface and even make it follow them via HoloLens. The use case of most VR headsets mostly ceases at gaming and entertainment. However, with HoloLens, enterprises can customise it to integrate it in their research.

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