Surface was the first major initiative by Microsoft to integrate its Windows operating system with its own hardware, and is the first PC designed and distributed solely by Microsoft. Sinofsky initially stated that pricing for the first Surface would be comparable to other ARM devices and pricing for Surface Pro would be comparable to current ultrabooks. Though there was less demand for the 64GB version because of the much smaller available storage capacity, supplies of the lower cost unit were almost as tight. The Surface 2 launched October 22, , alongside the Surface Pro 2, four days after the general availability of Windows 8. Microsoft then announced the redesigned Surface Pro 3 on May 20, , which went on sale on June 20, The following year, on March 30, , it announced the Surface 3 , a more compact version of the Surface Pro 3. Reports suggest this may be a consequence of Intel discontinuing the Broxton iteration of the Atom processor.

May 14,  · The new Surface Hub 2 is sleeker, more agile and more affordable to fit any workspace or work style. The gorgeous 4K+ ” multi-touch display creates an inviting canvas to co-create, harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office , Windows 10 and the intelligent cloud. Introducing the new Surface Hub 2S Teamwork Without Boundaries. AVI-SPL and Microsoft are working together to enable teamwork anywhere and move beyond meetings to true team flow. The new Surface Hub 2S is built for team collaboration in the modern workplace, as an all-in-one collaborative canvas and meetings platform. 6 in 1 Surface Pro Hub Combo Adapter, VOASTEK USB Hub with HDMI Adapter, LAN Port, Dual USB Adapter and SD/TF/Micro SD Memory Card Reader Compatible Microsoft Surface /Pro 4 |Unique Design.

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Join more engaging and productive meetings and collaborate in new ways. Get pricing Turn any workspace into a team workspace with Surface Hub 2 Built to move beyond meetings, to true teaming. Teams come in all shapes and sizes. They can be local or spread across the globe. To transform from collaboration to true teamwork, you need to invest in tools that bring out their best in the meeting room or in any team space.


Microsoft Surface Hub 2 hands-on: a $9K PC on wheels

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