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Jun 13, - Unlike taxes, paying full price for Windows 10 isn't inevitable. separately at whatever online store your campus uses for software purchases. the OEM license (outlined above) or buying through Kinguin (detailed below). Buy custom high-quality windows and doors online at great prices on windowscom Purchasing windows and doors online at low prices directly from the. Window e-Store sells windows & glass doors custom built to your specifications. Get windows at the best price by buying online with our easy ordering tool.‎Buy Windows · ‎Buy Doors · ‎Energy Efficient Windows · ‎How to Measure.

See all 27 comments for this article. Posted by: Grandadze 14 Mar Coldest City is correct. I replaced a work station that had W10 on it.

I used the hard drive from the old one and it would not work. Had to call Microsoft and reinstall W10 and a new license. The best thing you can do for yourself is to go to reputable places to purchase the product! There are many online reputable places where you will not be scammed. Compare prices at several places and I mean reputable places. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you want to purchase a new Windows OS.

Remember, Windows 7, 8 and 8. Sometimes, you do need to have the earlier OS to function for your computing needs. I haven't checked all of my computer places, just a couple of them, okay? But, this is what you do. You check out all sources, so that you can get the best deal. If, it sounds to good to be true. It isn't. And probably a scam, big time!!! Joe M 14 Mar You are misusing the term honeypot.

You also seem to have a vendetta against one specific scammer. There are 's of them out there. Here's your article. If you think you've found the secret deal of the century, remember, if it sounds too good to be true No hype, no singling out one scammer. No BS. No vendetta. I was using them as an example because they are one of the top search results for the term.

And what's wrong with drawing attention to a scammer? Charles James 14 Mar Bob, I give free computer training to local seniors through a foundation grant. For several years now I have pushed them to download Windows 10 and helped them upgrade their PCs while it was still free. Unfortunately, many seniors never have upgraded, but rather chose to keep their old operating system in place on advice from I believe misinformed relatives or friends. Using the Internet is beneficial for aging parents and grandparents, keeping them from becoming isolated or mitigating the harm suffered by those homebound due to illness or mobility issues.

I hope this is something that you can encourage Microsoft to consider. You now have Win 10 activated with a digital license. If you have a Win 8 computer, you probably don't have the product key, so install the Win 10 OS as before. Go to the Activation tab in Settings and run the activation troubleshooter.

Again, you now have a digital license. Many most Linux distributions are free for everyone all the time. Linus is generally more stable than Windows and most software is also free. Want a simple OS? Try Chromium OS. It's also free, will run most newer computers and on many older computers breathing new life into older, slower machines, it boots much faster, and is relatively immune to viruses just reload Chromium and all malware is gone.

Chromium has the same code base as the OS used in Chromebook computers. I tried it when it was free but I really didn't find it easy to operate it. Has it changed or should I give it another chance? I hate W10! So how can I go back to a sane life and use W7? It gives you an interface very similar to Windows 8, so that you never see the new screen with all the smartphone-style apps unless you deliberately want to.

I found the transition from Windows 8 very easy after installing Classic Shell, which Bob has occasionally recommended in the past.

I felt like I got scammed by Microsoft with my Win8Pro as it was the 32bit variant. I am seriously thinking of scamming them back again!

Mark 14 Mar Or just install a Linux for free. Unless you're a gamer, you won't miss Windows. There are so many OSs out there that are far more stable, fully supported and free. My OS of choice is Ubuntu-Mate. Eventually people will figure it out and ditch MS Windows. I bought Windows 7 that way and installed it on my home built machine.

It was perfectly legal, however the price was not nearly that low. It was more along the lines of half the price of the commercial version. I believe that Microsoft has stopped selling OEM versions.

As for buying another computer and transferring the license, that is not possible. It cannot be transferred to any other machine. OEM software is licensed to the specific machine, not the user. Commercial, full price software can be transferred to another machine subject to limitations , and that is the reason that people have bought it in the past even when making their own computers.

Now I know why Win 10 kept hanging on updating I tried to reinstall Win7, but says it isn't genuine; which it is! I have found this mess, everyone's calling Windows 10, is a complete failure for me and many others. After a lot of effort and time spent on the G72 I finally installed Linux Mint and it runs just fine and I don't have to "babysit" my computer when doing an update. I have a few other machines running Win 10, but I kinda switched over to OSX, Mint, and Chrome without all the hassle and hoops Microsoft forces you to navigate.

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