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This package includes all the necessary programs designed to professional users including photographers, photo editors, studios in addition to many more other users. This powerful package includes over than creative tools. You can also download Apple Aperture 3. These programs for mac are the most powerful tools to create, improve, edit and also enhance images. Since you install the full package you will not be compelled to search other photo editor programs for mac in torrent or in other websites. Moreover, you can benefit from various tools, features and also presets to enhance your photo shapes and make them awesome.

With cheap price Download MacPhun Intensify mac

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Intensify is one of those few plugins. Although a key feature of the plugin version is that it opens RAW files, Intensify does not have any lens correction or healing tools, so for me there is no benefit to opening RAW files directly, and instead I use Lightroom to correct an image before opening it in Intensify.

The App Store version does everything I need it to do. Intensify provides far more control of contrast than Lightroom or Photoshop, and it adjusts contrast without excessive halos or other artifacts. When I am adjusting an image in Lightroom that I plan to edit in Intensify, I do not apply any clarity or strong contrast, leaving that for Intensify. I also apply only a minimal amount of sharpening, as Intensify has its own sharpening function, and I have found that if I bring a pre-sharpened image into Intensify it can sometimes create artifacts along high-contrast edges.

Structure enhances texture, particularly in areas of continuous contrast a light-coloured wall, for example.

It also provides separate adjustments for shadows, midtones and highlights. Detail is a sharpening function with separate adjustments for small, medium and large details similar to using different radius settings in Photoshop and separate adjustments for highlights and shadows.

Layers are a great feature of Intensify. The Gradient tool works well, too, but unlike Lightroom it cannot be adjusted once it has been applied. Overall, Intensify is a great piece of software, and the price is right. I looked at similar plugins such as Topaz Clarity, but chose Intensify because it offers more controls to adjust contrast, it includes layers, and the price was less.

Like 10 Kong 15 November Really great and professional alternative to e. Photoshop for working with photos, with a clean, modern UI. Pity MacPhun is not continuing development, there are some shortcomings only color space for exports is sRGB for instance. Like Bousozoku 08 March I'm usually not one to use tricks.

I generally only edit for light and color. I take care of settings on the camera, so I don't have to do much else. However, as I try landscape photography, instead of skate parks, I see the opportunity for minor enhancements.

I bought Intensify along with various other Macphun applications before the end of the year. Too bad I can't use these on that other operating system as well.

It has a lot of carefully defined presets that help achieve interesting results without damaging the original file. Using those presets, you have some extra control to refine your result. Like 2.

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