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Sonic Solutions reserves the right to make changes in the product design without reservation and without notification to its users. System Requirements To use Popcorn, you will need the following hardware and software: Or, if you purchased a downloadable version of Popcorn, double-click the.

The Popcorn window appears on your Desktop. You can find the CD key in one of the following locations: If you purchased an upgrade version of Popcorn, you may also be asked to enter your CD key from a prior version of Toast or Popcorn. Formats and Settings Area The Formats and Settings area, located on the left side of the window, displays your available project types and the options for those projects. There are two categories available and the various projects available within each of these is described in the tables, below: Optionally, you can compress them to fit on 4.

You can also convert video and audio files to other formats, and choose to convert your project for playback on Mac or portable devices. Video Files Convert video files to another format. Audio Files Convert audio files to another format. Content area The content are is located on the left side of the window. For most projects, this is where you drag your files to add them to the project.

Space Indicator The space indicator is located along the bottom of the window, and displays the amount of content that has been added to the current project. Record Button Located on the lower right-hand side of the window, the Record button will begin recording your disc. For video conversion projects, click this button to begin converting your video.

Popcorn Extras Popcorn includes additional applications to help you save, share, and enjoy your digital media. They can easily be accessed from the Extras menu.

For more information on LightScribe, visit http: Watch recordings on your Mac, cut and trim them to remove unwanted segments, burn them to a DVD, or convert them for viewing on a portable device.

Publish folders full of compatible video on your Mac and stream them on-the-fly to your DVR without lengthy video conversions. You can easily drag and drop content from the Media Browser into the Content Area. Browse videos and iMovie projects in your Movies folder. This option is only visible if you have EyeTV digital television recorder software installed see www. Browse recorded TV shows that have been transferred from your TiVo. Popcorn includes special support for these discs, which normally are not usable in the Mac OS.

Insert these discs in your recorder while Popcorn is running, and then import video from them with the Media Browser.

Browse files and folders on your local hard disk, external discs, or connected network volumes. Search for files or folders by entering a search term in the text field at the bottom of the Media Browser window.

When browsing movies or DVDs, you can filter the media list by choosing a folder or specific DVD, title or chapter from the second pop-up menu. Note When the File Browser is selected, the second pop-up menu allows you to navigate folders on your system. When Spotlight is selected, the second and third pop-up menus allow you to narrow your search to a specific location or media type.

You can select multiple items by holding down the Command Apple key while clicking, and then drag the entire selection to the Content Area. You can preview most media files by double-clicking them in the file list or by clicking the Preview button at the bottom of the Media Browser. Popcorn will display progress information while the items are being added.

If the content is being added from a disc such as from a set-top DVD recorder this may take several minutes, as it is imported from the disc onto your hard disk. Imported items from a disc are temporarily stored in the Roxio Converted Items folder in your Documents folder and can be very large.

The original source content is not deleted from your disc. Popcorn can copy non-encrypted DVDVideo content. To learn more about DVD-Video, refer to: To copy to a DVD: If you choose this option, drag a disc image from your hard disk into the content area.

A summary of the content that will be copied appears in the content area. In the case of video files, each of your video files will be listed. If your DVD-Video source is greater than 4. If you are using a 4. If you are using an 8. You can optionally choose to include or exclude specific video, audio and languages. Removing this extra content reduces the amount of compression required and maximizes quality and available disc space.

To learn more, see Changing copy options for a DVD on page Popcorn will copy the original disc to a temporary location on your hard disk. You can optionally choose recording settings, such as Number of Copies. To learn more, see Changing recording settings on page Popcorn displays a progress bar as it records your disc. Creating a disc image file Instead of copying to a DVD-recordable disc, you can create a disc image file and store it on your hard disk.

You can copy this image to disc or mount it and view the contents at a later time. To save a disc image file: The Save Disc Image As dialog appears. The best choice depends on the type of drive you have, your plans for the image file and the size of its contents. If you choose double-layer, compression will be minimized, but the file may not fit on a single-layer disc.

If you choose single-layer, compression will be set automatically to the level needed to fit the contents on a single-layer disc. Choose the option that best meets your needs. Popcorn displays a progress bar as it saves your disc image. To copy this disc image at a later time, see Copying to a DVD on page To mount an image file: Mounted images behave like an actual physical disc inserted into your DVD drive and appear on the Desktop.

To unmount an image file: Note Do not drag the disc image file to the Trash unless you want to delete the image file from your hard disk. Compression may result in a slight reduction in video quality, but will leave the audio quality unchanged. By default, the entire disc is copied, with all menus, video, and audio. Excluding unnecessary content reduces the amount of compression required and maximizes quality and available disc space.

To change copy options: Select to include all video. All menus will be included. Select to include only the single-longest running video. Menus will not be included. Select to choose the specific videos to be included. Note If you choose Main or Custom, the copied disc will not have a menu, but the first video will play automatically when the disc is inserted.

If the disc contains multiple videos, all videos will play continuously, in sequence. You may be able to use the Title menu in your DVD player to select a video. If the Apple DVD Player software is installed on your Mac, you can preview a video by clicking on the small play button on the thumbnail of the video. Select to include all audio for each video. Select to only include the primary audio for each video typically the highest quality Dolby Digital.

Instead, you will be able to select Audio and Language options for each video.

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