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May 5, - Microsoft Office Pro Plus Free Download setup for Windows supporting both structures i.e. 32 bit and 64 bit. Furthermore, this highly effective MS Office package contains Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Project, OneNote, SharePoint, Designer and Visio. Microsoft Office free download. Get new version of Microsoft Office. A collection of professional Last updated: 16/8/ Supported. Get Office for home or for business or try it for free. Office gives you virtually anywhere access to Office applications plus cloud productivity services.‎Office · ‎MS Exchange email · ‎The new Office for Mac! · ‎Microsoft Access.

Aseem Kishore , Twitter: What is Microsoft Office ? Whilst Microsoft has shifted its efforts to its subscription based cloud service, Office , Office allows users to pay a one-time fee to get access to Microsoft services forever. Office is also useful for those that prefer to save and access their files offline without cloud backups. Keep in mind that all of these changes will also be made available for Office This type of graphic can be easily rotated, moved, colored, and resized without any degradation to the quality of the image.

There will be a new Icon button here that can be used to access a variety of popularly used SVG icons. These icons may serve as an easy way to fancy up your emails or presentations, or just as a way to add some life to an otherwise dull document. To access it, open the Review tab in your document and then click the new Translate and Language buttons. Microsoft Translator has been around for some time, but seeing it integrated into Office is excellent.

Full details on how to use this new system in Microsoft Word has been explained by Microsoft here. This powerful transition will allow you to add smooth movement between one slide to the next in a presentation. PowerPoint will do the heavy lifting for you. To use Morph, you must first duplicate a slide, then move, resize, or edit the objects on the duplicated slide, and then click Transitions and morph.

Doing this will automatically create a smooth animation from the original slide to the duplicated one. With Zoom, you will have thumbnails for all of your slides on one single page. You can then click each slide individually and a small transition animation will take you into that slide.

Zoom proves to be a fun, engaging way to bounce between slides during a presentation and it allows for a more free-flowing approach to a presentation as opposed to the typical slide-by-slide default. Your digital pen can wirelessly move through slides at a distance of up to 30 feet. You just need to press the eraser button to advance a slide, and press and hold the eraser to go back one slide.

MAXIFS can be used to return the largest number in a range — you can also set the returned result to only be a number that meets certain criteria. SWITCH can be used to evaluate one value against a list of values, and it will return the result corresponding to the first matching value. If there is no match, you can set an optional default value.

Finally, TEXTJOIN is a unique function that can combine text from multiple ranges — you can choose how each text is separated, for example, by a comma, a full stop, or any other delimiter. Which of these new features take your interest? Founder of Help Desk Geek and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time.

He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications.

Microsoft offers the Office suite to military servicemembers for only $, a 97% Air Force (Update 6 June , program good until 31 Oct ). Microsoft Office is the current version of Microsoft Office, a productivity suite, succeeding Office It was released to general availability for Windows 10 and for macOS on September 24, Office for Mac‎: ‎ (Build ) / Septe. Mar 2, - Mit Office hat Microsoft Word, Excel & Co. jüngst neu aufgelegt. Seit Anfang Oktober lassen sich Office Home & Student und.

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Advertisement When is Office available, and how much will it cost? Office is on sale now, but only for commercial-level customers. As always, Microsoft will make 32 and bit versions of Office available. As Microsoft notes: For example, at the time macOS Advertisement Image: To do so, Word will be getting the aptly named Focus mode, which darkens the screen and reduces the displayed UI elements. Mac users will also now have customizable ribbons aka drop-down menus in their version of the Word interface.

Advertisement Also, PC users will now have travel and delivery cards, while Mac users get new email templates; a Send Later function for scheduling delivery times; and read receipts. Both platforms also get Office Group integration.

PowerPoint Image: Microsoft Advertisement The changes for PowerPoint are all about enhanced media and visual element support in presentations. OneNote OneNote is arguably the biggest change included in Office This is technically a new OneNote release entirely, one that can replace OneNote though OneNote remains available and will be supported by Microsoft through This new version, dubbed OneNote for Windows 10, includes Ink-to-Text support, meaning your handwritten words will be turned into typed text, plus better syncing between connected devices.

Microsoft Advertisement Finally, Excel gets a host of new functions—like new formulas and chart options, and support for 2D maps and timelines—to better present and organize your data. Better pencil support and other tweaks Image: Microsoft Advertisement In addition to these program-specific updates, there are also changes that apply to all Office software. Office also comes with some behind-the-scenes changes such as monthly security updates and a reduction to network bandwidth use.

Will Office replace Office ? In a post announcing the software release , Microsoft makes sure to point out that Office is a standalone package of its software geared primarily towards private users and businesses who do not have the necessary internet access required to use the cloud-based Office Because of this, many of the features present in the Office versions of these apps are not included in their Office counterparts, especially cloud-based and collaborative features.

Advertisement Furthermore, Microsoft makes it clear that while Office will be receiving regular security fixes, it will not be getting expanded feature updates, while Office users can still look forward to new and updated features through regular monthly updates just as they always have.

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