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Start quickly and manage projects easily via the web browser. Execute projects with ease with familiar scheduling tools through your choice of the web browser or desktop client. Optimize your project portfolio to prioritize initiatives and get the results you want through your choice of the web. Jun 19,  · There are a number of key features/capabilities in Project Pro for Office and Professional that go above and beyond Project Standard: In a Project Server or Project Online environment, Project Professional can be used for desktop editing and saving project plans; Project Standard will not connect to Project Online or Project Server. Microsoft Project Standard is a standalone tool without connection to a server or the cloud. Thus, the differences to server- or cloud-based solutions including Microsoft Project Professional or Microsoft Project Online Professional are: * No cent.

Microsoft is known for its amazing applications, plug-ins and updates. One of the widely used project management software is Microsoft Project. Typically, this application has been designed for project managers in assigning resources, laying out plans, tracking phases of projects, analyzing work loads and controlling budgets. This application is used in various organizations for managing progress in small and large projects. The latest Microsoft Project has incorporated many new and improved applications.

Microsoft Project Standard With the help of this application, the users are able to manage their projects very easily. This project management software offers the better experience with its visual enhancements and updates to project managers. It helps complete the projects on time and without any hassles and affects on the overall productivity of the team and organization. The project managers are able to plan, manage and deliver their projects without wasting much time.

There are a lot of features in this application that make it different from others and some of them are mentioned below: You will be able to organize you data as per the data types as this option is readily available in this application. You would be able to create schedule of your projects as per your timeframes and availability. It is also possible to place the notes as a reminder in case of additional information is required for your schedule. With the help of text effects and expanded color palettes, you can make timelines and plans more attractive.

You can ever view and share the critical dates and deliverables with others. Microsoft Project Professional With the help of Microsoft Project Professional , you will have an option to visually select the resources as per your requirements. This is because of the easy drag and drop feature with new team planner.

You can enhance the team collaboration and assess the results. The project managers are able to use this application in wide range of programs and projects. Like Microsoft Project Standard; it is also available as day trial period. The professional version includes these features; however, the Outlook also includes a business contact manager and a publisher.

You should assess your requirements and choose the most-suitable application. Related posts:

Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out if I should purchase Microsoft Project Standard or Project Professional for work. I've never used MS Project but I feel like I've gotten to the point where managing projects through excel and opensource tools aren't doing the trick for me anymore. The Getting Started screen walks you through basic capabilities, like linking tasks and creating a timeline, to help you get up to speed fast. Which version of Windows do I need to run Project Professional or Project Standard ? What about Project Plan 3? Windows 10 or later is required to. Dec 25,  · Hey gang, I always thought that the difference between Standard and Professional could be summed up this way: One of them (Professional) permits you to connect to Microsoft® Project Server (particularly now in version ).

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Microsoft Planner vs Microsoft Project: First released in , Microsoft Project has become the go-to application for business projects. Microsoft Planner is a newer project management solution that was released in as part of Office So which solution should you use? What if Office adoption was made simpler? Learn how the right e-learning tool can help with our webinar. Microsoft Planner Microsoft Planner allows teams to create plans; organize, assign, and collaborate on tasks; set deadlines; chat with colleagues to stay up to date on progress; and upload and share files.

Each plan that you create automatically becomes associated with a new Office group, which you can either designate as private or public.

To get started, select the Planner app within Office As you can see, the UI is quite simple, modern, and organized. Left-hand Navigation Panel The left-hand navigation panel contains useful and frequently accessed pages. Create a new plan This page lets you create a public or private plan for a project. You can enter an optional description or subscribe new members to receive email notifications about your plan.

View all plans and favorites You can also access your Favorites from the left-hand navigation panel. Here, you can store plans that you need to frequently access or that are especially important. In the example above, the Data Migration plan was designated as a favorite.

Your tasks will be grouped by status Not Started, In Progress, and Completed so you can better prioritize your work and stay on target to completion. Top Navigation Panel The top navigation panel lets you: Create a new task Assign the new task to a bucket Enter the status of the task Enter a start and due date Enter a description of the task Choose whether to show the task on a card Choose whether to add an item to a checklist Add relevant files Enter comments about the task Group tasks into buckets After creating tasks, you can place them into buckets to break up your work into phases, categories, departments, or whatever makes the most sense for your plan.

View summary charts This page displays a clear visual overview of your selected plan, including the statuses of all tasks you created and the progress of your team members. Create conversations Using the dropdown menu to the right of the Charts tab, you can select the Conversation option to launch Microsoft Outlook.

This lets you send messages to your group members. Members are grouped into the All, Owners, and Guests categories for clarity and organization.

Maintain files You can create, upload, or delete files related to your selected plan. This feature helps you keep everything in one place. The Microsoft Project application defaults to the View tab. In the example above, a visual chart shows the progress of the project.

It calculates the durations of tasks based on their Start and Finish dates. It also lists the resources and members of these tasks. Alternatively, you can view your tasks in a linear calendar fashion to better visualize any overlapping of resources. Create a new project Microsoft Project comes with many sample templates that can help you get started on a project.

Create a new task From the Task tab, select Task. You can create a new task, a recurring task, or a blank row as a placeholder.

You can even import existing tasks from Microsoft Outlook. If you change the duration length, the Finish date will automatically update itself. Microsoft Project has far more features than Planner, which makes it better suited to enterprise-level projects.

Maintain resources With Microsoft Project, you can view resources on a Resource Sheet like the one shown below. This feature lets you easily edit the details that are associated with a particular resource, such as its name, type, standard, and overtime pay rate, as well as how its costs may accrue. The example below shows how you can easily assign resources to a specific task. Templates Microsoft Project offers several templates that you can search for and use as is when creating a new project.

You can change these to suit your specific needs; alternatively, you can start with a blank template. The application displays some suggested results for templates below the search field. This is a great time-saving feature. To save the project template to a specific location, first select Options from the File menu.

Then, simply navigate to the Save tab under Project Options: Under the Save templates section, browse or navigate to the folder where you wish to store the new template. Save the template with a meaningful name, and select Project Template as the file type.

The application will save the new template with an. Another dialog window will appear: You can actually choose the type of data that you wish to remove from the new template. This can include actual values, resource rates, and fixed costs. If you want to remove all data from the template, select the Values of all baselines option as well as Whether tasks have been published to Project Web App. Which is the Solution for You? Microsoft Planner is certainly a useful application for creating and tracking simple project plans, but its limitations become clear if you want to have greater control over your projects.

With a wider range of support and capabilities, Microsoft Project is the ideal solution for enterprise project planning. So now you know that Project is the winner in the battle of Microsoft Planner vs Microsoft Project, want to learn more about Microsoft Project?

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