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If you sell digital products online – like selling software or indie video games – then license keys can be a really useful tool. They are a unique token that you can use to verify the user as a legitimate customer. Why are license keys useful if you sell digital products? The key businesses handling second hand licensing are located in Europe, but most of them are eager to do business globally. As you noted, the recent EU case with Oracle did bring more market awareness to second licensing. Arthur is correct, Dis. Sell Serial Numbers, License Keys or Registration Codes selling product license keys, registration codes or serial numbers We sell software online, and we need to automatically email the customer a license key when a product that requires registration is purchased.

With no physical product to manufacture, selling digital downloads is one of the easiest ways to set up your first online store and make a little extra cash. You should already be familiar with the digital download world. Digital downloads include things like music, software, ebooks, photos and videos; your store should focus on any one of these items. Drive traffic and expand your business with cutting-edge marketing features, advanced SEO tools, multichannel selling, CRM, a built-in blog, plus countless built-in features that make selling downloadable goods fast and simple — for you and your customers. Us either.

Aug 24, - Do you want to prevent people from illegally using your products or services? You can sell software and apps on Selz with our license keys. Oct 15, - Sell Software Licenses online send buyers with licenses pdf file; Support different license keys for Device Count / License Validity Periods. Nov 15, - WordPress PHP-KeyCodes is a WordPress Plugin to sell software license keys, product keys, serial keys, mobile phone codes and any other.

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Hi, so I figured I should go straight here to inquire about this. So my friend was tried his hand at e-selling MS cdkey licences and came across a site selling them yeah I know, warning bells , There is no such legal business. Only Microsoft is authorized to sell product keys. But at the same time paypal froze his account and limited it saying at first: Now I'm curious as cause wherever we looked, we couldn't find a single thing about needing a licence or authorization to sell MS products anywhere and on a page here I noticed someone stated, "Anyone can legally sell MS or any other software products they don't require any MS Authorization to do so.

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