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Jan 7, - Construction project costs include soft costs and hard costs. Learn which fees, dues, and other expenses are considered soft costs of a project. Since one's definition of soft costs can vary, obtaining information as to what might constitute soft costs can be a problem. One frequently overlooked source is. What is the difference between hard costs vs soft costs and why is it important for your real estate project's budget?Missing: synonym ‎| ‎Must include: ‎synonym.

Construction projects are typically broken down into different categories of costs for the developer. The direct construction costs are the physical materials and supplies required to construct the building and labour costs to have the construction completed. These represent the hard costs of construction, implying these are the costs that do not change if the property had to be reconstructed — save for inflation or changes in contract and materials pricing. Alternatively, soft costs are the expenses not directly incurred for the physical construction of the project. Typical soft costs include professional fees, financing costs commitment letter fees, interest on loans, other lender fees , marketing, advertising, permits, realty taxes, workers overtime, lease renegotiation fees and accounting and legal expenses.

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By Juan Rodriguez Updated January 07, Soft costs represent a significant portion of construction costs. These costs often vary by the project size and tend to represent a smaller percentage of total soft costs on larger projects. These fees must be paid to gain authorization for the project. Also included are costs for real estate research, surveying plats, lot assessment, and transaction costs related to easements and rights of way ROWs. Land for temporary staging areas required along the route or off-site may present additional real estate costs. This may include office equipment, office trailers, cellphones, radio communication systems, and staging area equipment.

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