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CAL Based: $ is charged per server and $ per CAL is charged for every client accessing the server. The Standard Edition of Microsoft SQL Server supports both CAL based Licensing and CORE based Licensing. Jun 24, - Microsoft SQL Server licensing can be complicated and even a little accessing SQL Server can be quantified and Server + CAL is more cost. MS SQL Server Standard / Licensing Calculator - estimates the of users/devices: Standard Edition. 2-core pack cost: Server lic. cost: CAL cost:  Total cost‎: ‎

Parallel data warehouse is part of the Microsoft Analytics Platform System. See the product terms for details. Customers will have the option to deploy on Windows or Linux platforms through a single license construct. The SQL Server license provides flexibility to deploy across these platforms, and as your needs change over time you will have the licensing to enable changes in deployment patterns.

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Our goal is to empower you with an honest and reliable estimate on the costs to assess your SQL Licensing environment to help you budget for your project. This SQL Server Tools and Consulting Assessment pricing guide will help you develop an initial budget and plan for the costs associated with the different types of assessments that we offer. A few things to consider… There are a few things to consider when looking at the costs of these types of consulting engagements: Are they junior and just starting out; or do they have years of experience?

Your answers in the three categories above will have a definite impact on the cost of an engagement. With the right program and team in place committed to finding ways to reduce the costs on a couple of these servers will more than pay for the cost of your entire engagement. A complex environment multiple domains, multiple toolsets, 3rd party data centers, etc.

Environment size and complexity are things that add to the costs of the engagement, but effective tools can decrease costs. Tools that provide accurate inventory versus tracking via a spreadsheet or anything in between also impact the price. How you purchase Do you have an accurate inventory of what you own, and do you fully understand what your contractual rights are for Microsoft SQL Server? The more places you purchase from we have clients that have 30 or 40 contracts , the more difficult it can be to get a complete picture of what you own.

Although these factors may have a limited impact on cost — clients are often surprised with just how long it might take to gather this information. Your Consultant There are a lot of people out there that are ex-vendor or licensing experts. This could be anyone from your reseller, a small consulting firm that specializes in licensing and Software Asset Management, to the big consulting firms. You want to make sure you partner with someone that understands you and is going to invest the time in constantly training their people.

By some reports, Microsoft makes almost changes per year to their licensing programs. MetrixData prides itself on the quality of our staff. We spend hundreds of hours each year training all of our staff on licensing changes and industry trends.

Your data is where we really shine. Our clients will happily serve as references for us on our ability to take your data and make information clear and concise so you can make informed decisions on your SQL Server Licensing requirements.

SQL Cloud assessments are typically annual engagements where we monitor your on-premise servers and your cloud environment to decrease overall costs to run SQL in VMware, Azure, or AWS environments these engagements typically include all your Windows Servers as well. Growing over the years through many acquisitions and divestitures there was no centralized view of what was in their IT environment.

Each facility was responsible every year of passing an internal audit that includes a software audit , but there was no centralized view of anything. Knowing how complicated SQL Licensing is, Amir was very concerned that the organization subject to stringent regulatory standards may have some compliance exposure. He was right to be worried — because they did have exposure.

I thought it would be impossible to get a centralized view of all our facilities, let alone truly understand what we needed from a licensing perspective.

Boy was I wrong. I now have a clear picture of where I stand, and I have the MetrixData team give me an updated view each month, so I never have to worry again. MetrixData leveraged their extensive knowledge to point out installations of software no longer supported that we still had deployed in a couple facilities. I was able to get that taken care of too!

To say I sleep better at night now is quite an understatement! With thousands of instances across multiple data centers, it was almost impossible to make sense of the data. Not being able to make sense of it made it impossible to defend the penalties Microsoft was preparing to hit them with. Making sense of the hundreds of thousands of rows of data was an exercise in futility for them — let alone help the auditors see it differently. The result?

We owed nothing! MetrixData came in and with their tools and knowledge, helped us understand our ServiceNow data and get accurate SQL Licensing positions created! Upon request for references, NDAs will be put in place and we will happily provide you the accurate information at that time.


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