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I think we now have a product that far exceeds what we had previously, and we move [our organisation] into a much better position for integration across all of its domains and locations. The legacy business management system had the ability to create drill-down process flow maps with integrated hyperlinks to either internal or external documents. A considerable amount of effort had been made by a small number of editors to create these flow diagrams, and these were available in a read-only web portal for exploration by authorised user worldwide. The client was sceptical that a similar look and feel or ease of use could be found within Microsoft technologies, and, most importantly, that their existing system could be migrated with as little human intervention as possible. David visited the client, and discovered that, as usual, Visio was on some workstations already, but they had little understanding of its full capabilities, or how Visio Online allows them to integrate diagrams within SharePoint web-pages. He also found that the existing process diagram system had the ability to export into XML, which could provide a potential route to offering a conversion process. It was decided that CPS could provide the project management, SharePoint and web development skills, and together a plan was formed, approved and embarked upon. The Constraints There were a number of constraints imposed upon the solution, some of which were known at the outset, but others became apparent during the development phase.

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Microsoft Office customers can view, print, and share diagrams and insert comments on the go. If you have a Visio subscription, you can use additional features, such as those described in the following sections. Apply rich formatting to text and shapes Editing features, such as more colors, gradients, effects, and styles, are available in Visio for the web, as well as in the desktop application. You can also add a text box or choose from a gallery of shapes and apply styles, which define fill, outline, and shadow effects. Arrange objects You can move, resize, rotate, flip, or order shapes and text boxes, and you can ungroup shapes to work with them individually in Visio for the web. For more information, see Visio for the web: You can then share them with others. Cut, copy, and paste Cut, copy, and paste features are available in Visio for the web. You can use these features to move or remove shapes and text within a diagram. Edit diagrams Visio for the web includes rich editing, which you can use to make changes to your diagram.


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