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Like Microsoft reportes on the official Visual Studio blog, the Dev Essentials Program has received more than , applicants over the past 75 days. In November, we introduced the Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program to give developers everything they need to get started building and deploying apps on any platform, for free. Research Triangle Park, N. If you have used prior versions of Visual Studio, check out the What's New in Visual Studio course to quickly get up-to-speed on all the new features. Get ready for AI with DataCamp. Continue your development as a well-rounded professi.

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In VS you can chose to configure your setup to only install the tools you want , which makes the install lighter and faster. If you chose to do a full installation though, Visual Studio is a pretty big product and will take over 30GB of disk space after installation and it installs a lot of third party software including the Android SDK, the Java Developer Kit, and the Windows and Android emulators. On a slow connection in particular, download can take a very long time or even time out.


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