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Is It Suitable For Music? Should you upgrade your computer? Here's the definitive guide Most musicians will be tempted by Windows XP's promise of greater robustness and stability, which it shares with Windows Although some musicians may have heard that Windows XP combines the stability of Windows with the hardware support of Windows 98, this doesn't mean that you can necessarily use the same drivers and software versions.

Despite such warnings, some people still seem determined to upgrade before they check whether or not their existing hardware has suitable drivers, and whether or not their applications will run on it. I've spotted queries on user forums from musicians whose Windows XP PCs give an error when attempting to install one of their favourite applications, asking what to do next. Soundcard Drivers Before you even think of installing Windows XP, you should download all the necessary drivers and available updates from the appropriate manufacturers' web sites.

If none of these exist then you should hold off buying Windows XP until they do, or replace the offending item with one that has XP support. You will certainly need at least 1. Windows 3. Some music applications are also better uninstalled before you upgrade to XP. One example is Wavelab 3. If you intend to upgrade an existing installation, you can run the setup file directly from within your current version of Windows, which makes it very easy. Home Or Professional? You don't for instance have to supply any personal details at all to get it: Once you have your confirmation ID, you can reinstall Windows XP as many times as you like, as long as you don't reformat your hard drive, which erases the activation status.

Most people's biggest worry is that they won't be able to upgrade any of their hardware and carry on using XP without getting Microsoft's permission. By far the best approach is to wait until the majority of your 30 days are up before activating. This will allow you enough time to track down suitable drivers, change any rogue hardware that refuses to run, and install more RAM if you feel you need it. Pricing Issues With two editions of Windows XP available in both full, upgrade, and full OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer versions, it's worth finding out which one is the best for you, as they aren't cheap.

The upgrade versions of Windows XP are significantly cheaper, as long as you have one of the qualifying operating systems already installed, but there also seems to be another much cheaper route. However, it's now much easier to do this, as the rules have been relaxed. Only one default new skin is included, and no editor, but others are already popping up as free downloads on the Internet.

Those with more conservative leanings can revert to the 'classic' look of the Windows 98 family, and thankfully skins don't seem to impose any significant CPU overhead, as long as you disable the graphic fades and scrolls to make operations feel more immediate.

The redesigned Start Menu includes many more icons that previously appeared on the desktop, which reduces clutter, although you can revert to the classic design if you prefer.

A new version of TweakUI is available to further customise your settings. Clicking or hovering over the 'All Programs' arrow at the bottom launches the familiar cascading menus.

There's plenty of customisation options too, including control over what icons appear, their size, and how many recently used programs are displayed, but the 'classic' design is still available for anyone who prefers it. Newcomers will probably find this easier to use, although once again you can switch to the 'classic' view if you prefer. Although you could set up accounts on previous versions of Windows, there wasn't enough customisation to make it worthwhile for most musicians.

This time it's different. The first user is always the Administrator, with full rights to change anything on the PC, while further users can have their access restricted in various areas useful for studio customers or children, for instance.

He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Windows XP is not distributed online so there isn't a legitimate way to get a Windows XP download, even from Microsoft. No matter where you find it, be it through a torrent website or some other software distribution website, any XP download you come across online is likely illegal. The only guaranteed legal course of action when you need a copy of Windows XP is to actually buy a new copy of Windows XP.

It's really that simple. An important downside to a free Windows XP download is that it's too easy for it to include malware or other unwanted software bundled in with the operating system. On that note, if you manage to get a hold of a Windows XP ISO , it would need valid license information in order to activate , and most OS downloads come with crackers and keygens that attempt to authenticate the software illegally, which you should avoid. It's the Windows XP Product Key That's Valuable In many ways, what you actually pay for when you legally purchase a copy of Windows XP is the product key sometimes referred to as a CD key or key code, or incorrectly as the serial number.

This unique number is required during an installation of Windows XP. Microsoft isn't on board with that argument, though.

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One time only XP are cover all the professional user requirement, there are lots of Company software, ATm booth , Data management software, Industrial works Software are maintain buy Windows XP whats that? I think all are new on running user are not properly known about Windows XP , But all most all Computer user before Windows Xp is the only one way to use windows and more then billion of computer use its there computer. XP is world most secure and popular Operating system that give you very powerful user experience. Windows XP released August 24, with full of world wide, so almost 10 years they lead the Full world with there XP professional, home and business version.

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