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Finds that clients can reduce costs between 5 and 20 percent by implementing green initiatives such as lowering mileage and idle times and filling trucks to capacity.

One customer placed pallets on two levels, allowing them to reduce the number of daily truckloads by 40 percent and to save 110,000 per year. PepsiCo Inc. saved 44 million by switching from corrugated to reusable plastic shipping containers for one liter and 20-ounce bottles, conserving 196 million pounds of corrugated material.

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Build your skills quickly and easily with interactive tutorials and lessons for beginning to advanced users. With two or three mouse clicks, you will be able to search and find files, connect to a network or arrange window panes side by side. Get the most out of your new operating system in a realistic simulation of the actual software. What is Microsoft Windows 7 Advanced?

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