Support for Windows 7 ends in January 2020

Mar 21,  · Stop Windows 7 End of Support Notification. While a checkbox saying Do not remind me again is offered, there are workarounds that will make Windows 7 completely stop notifying you about the End of. Apr 25,  · The end of support for Windows 7 means Microsoft will no longer issue security updates. Here's how to continue using it safely. Apr 23,  · Why Windows 7 Will Nag You. Microsoft will only support Windows 7 with security patches until January 14, That’s the “end of support” or “end of life” (EOL) date. After this date, Windows 7 will technically leave “extended support.” Businesses can pay for additional support, but average consumer PCs will be stuck without security patches.

Updated April 23, , 4: As of April 22, , the nags are starting to appear on Windows 7 systems. That means Windows 7 machines will be increasingly vulnerable, and software developers will eventually leave those old PCs behind and stop writing software that works on Windows 7.

The full message reads: After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is nearing the end. January 14, is the last day Microsoft will offer security updates and technical support for computers running Windows 7. We strongly recommend upgrading to a supported operating system by January 14, And who wants to be nagged, anyway?

Enable this checkbox and Microsoft will hopefully stop bugging you. Bleeping Computer has the full technical details on exactly how this message works, including the process the update installs C: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight: It may already be on your Windows 7 PC. However, it will remain dormant until April 18, , when the nag messages will start to appear. To avoid installing the update, simply choose not to install the update from Windows Update.

Hide it if you see it. If Windows 7 is set to install updates automatically, you can set it to notify you but not automatically install them—or uninstall the update afterward. Or, better yet, you can simply not worry about it. The nag will pop up once on April 18, but you can check the box that says you never want to see it again and close the window.

We do recommend getting off Windows 7 after that date. Windows 10 is already a more secure operating system, even while Windows 7 is still getting updates. And yes, you can still get Windows 10 for free , if you like. But, while Windows 8.

Jul 12, - Windows 7 support discontinued from 14 January What does it mean for me? Mike Lowe | 12 Will my Windows 7 PC stop working? Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 7 When any Microsoft software reaches a certain age, they stop supporting it with patches and service packs. The life. Aug 28, - Microsoft has been nagging Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows when Microsoft stops providing free security updates for Windows 7. offer patches for Windows XP even though it's not supported to head off the.

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Windows 7 no longer supported; what can users do if they do not want to buy new computers?

Safe mode starts Windows in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started, which can help you troubleshoot software problems. For example, if a corrupted video card driver is preventing Windows from displaying, or if a program runs as soon as you start Windows and can't be shut down, you can start Windows in safe mode before the driver or program starts and then try to fix the problem.

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