Add Exchange exclusions to Windows Defender Antivirus (Windows Server 2016)

Oct 12,  · See the Windows Defender Antivirus in Windows 10 documentation library for more information. While the functionality, configuration, and management is largely the same for Windows Defender AV either on Windows 10 or Windows Server , there are a few key differences: In Windows Server , automatic exclusions are applied based on your. Jul 06,  · which antivirus comparable for Microsoft windows server & how to protect server without antivirus. Oct 14,  · Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy; Configuration and management is largely the same in Windows Server , while running Windows Defender Antivirus; however, there are some differences. To learn more, see Windows Defender Antivirus on Windows Server Related topics.

The user interface is installed by default on some SKUs, but is not required. Note You can't uninstall the Windows Security app, but you can disable the interface with these instructions. See the Install or uninstall roles, role services, or features topic for information on using the wizard. The following PowerShell cmdlet will also enable the interface: This is useful if you have a third-party antivirus product installed on the machine already. Multiple AV products can cause problems when installed and actively running on the same machine. See the question "Should I run Microsoft security software at the same time as other security products? Get-Service -Name windefend To verify that firewall protection through Windows Defender is turned on, run the following PowerShell cmdlet:

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Advanced server protection Next-generation protection against the latest malware Based on Kaspersky's unique HuMachine framework, Kaspersky Security for Windows Server's multi-layered threat protection system detects all types of malware, including advanced, sophisticated and emerging threats. Despite its power, it has minimal impact on server performance and provides different optimization capabilities depending on server role for example, by configuring application priority or excluding business-critical trusted processes from scanning. Cloud-assisted server protection Kaspersky Security Network KSN delivers a faster-than-ever response to new threats, improving the performance of protection components and minimizing the risk of false positives. Exploit prevention Kaspersky Security for Windows Server comprises a powerful Exploit Prevention mechanism that protects process memory from exploits. It watches over protected processes and prevents attempts to exploit unpatched or even zero-day vulnerabilities in system components and applications.


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